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18 Aug 2022

首爾之夏 I / Summer in Seoul I

首爾之夏 I 首爾的夏天和台北一樣,悶熱而潮濕。 我想帶你去看看那些讓我曾經流連忘返的城市角落跟道地的小餐館。 Summer in Seoul I Summer in Seoul is muggy and humid, just like in Taipei. Just want to take you to see the corners of this city and the authentic restaurants that I used to linger on. Credit Directed by @slowslowsoo Styling ::   @slowslowsoo / @aleeyx.flac Photography :: Model :: @do_y_v / @imhoon.e Assistant :: @gungihong
08 Feb 2022

Chiching + 94269190 capsule collection

    和一群身懷絕技的朋友們一起拍片總是非常有趣。特別感謝洛城的強尼小宇宙提供優秀的配樂曲目:)   It’s been a fun process working with talented friends. Shout out to Jonny Kosmo for the remarkable soundtrack 🙂   Credit:   主演  李儒杰 陳柚安 導演 郭儀凡 製片 陳潁 樓羿廷 腳本 樓羿廷 攝影 郭儀凡 平面攝影 徐翊嘉 攝影助理 李儒杰 郭致榆  剪接 郭儀凡  音樂 強尼小宇宙 "Overgrown"  視覺效果 樊古柏  音效製作 柯思安                                                 Starring Roger JC Lee / Chen You An Director Anna Kuo Producer Chen Ying / Lou I Ting Story Lou I Ting  Director of photography Anna Kuo Photographer Yi Chia Hsu     Assistant camera  Roger JC Lee / Kuo Chih Yu Editor Anna Kuo Music Jonny Kosmo "Overgrown" VFX Cooper Vacheron                 Sound Design Anna Grace Keys
19 Jan 2022

CC x 94269190

我們很開心的可以與各位分享本年度首波與本地時裝單位94269190合作的的特別企劃。 隱身在這串數字代碼背後的,是一連串關於追尋自我與認同的故事。   去年剛從法國回來的L,絕大部分的青春歲月都貢獻給了時裝設計。在巴黎攻讀時裝設計與大牌實習的經驗中,L練就一身扎實的印花設計工夫:長期游走在街頭次文化與高級時裝,工業製品與手工藝品的邊界中,意外地與奇清找到一個共通的語言:台北的青春回憶。 正如L說到: 「94269190是我內心的虛幻空間。以編碼的身份創作的能量,正是來自少年時期的我對於體制的壓迫所感受到的憤怒和虛無;這股反作用力,讓我在創作時自由地表達內心的反叛和天真。我希望用這個身份和世界上每個獨特的個體分享我的作品。」   我們這次選用了奇清的招牌帽踢作為媒材,重組、解構、改變份量並繡上學號代碼。 本系列僅有四件,全手工打造,每件都獨一無二。 We are delighted to announce our latest artist collaboration with Taiwanese fashion collective 94269190.    Hidden behind this digital code is a series of stories about the pursuit of self and identity.   L, who returned from France to Taiwan last year, has devoted most of her youth to fashion design. When she was in Paris, L studied fashion design and worked for big-name brands such as Chloé, Paule Ka, EACH OTHERS. Since then, L has practiced an expert printing design skill. She wandered on the boundaries between streetwear and high fashion, industrial products and handicrafts. This year, she unexpectedly found a common language with Chiching: the youthful memories of Taipei.   According to L, ”94269190 is the void in my mind, my anger and the emptiness I felt from the suppression back in my youth. Using this identity empowered me to create freely, and allowed me to access both my innocence and inner rebellion. I’d like to use this identity to share my work with each unique individual.”   This series consists of 4 pieces of reconstructed “OG Zhaopai” Hoodies. All hand made, one and only.     Credit:  攝影師 Photographer: @aichiy 攝影助理 Photographic Assistant: @lil.yu_photo 造型 Styling: @lou_94269190 重製服裝設計 Reconstructed design by: @lou_94269190 模特兒 Model: @facezoo, @rogerjclee  
08 Sep 2021


<奇清精選歌單> 酒醉三分興緻好,隨著音樂擺又搖,恰恰恰 A-Go-Go,越瘋狂越是美妙。 奇清編輯部本週為各位帶來有點迴異於以往的選曲路線:在「摩登時代」歌單裡我們精選了那些伴隨爸媽、甚至爺爺奶奶度過青春歲月的時代金曲,僅向上世紀的優雅風華致敬,enjoy! <CC SPOTIFY> Stay classy. Tune in to CC Spotify while you like things to be modern and still have a bit of tradition. “Modern Times” curated by Chiching’s label founder Chen Yinn.             
31 Aug 2021


BÜRO EINHUNDERT (@buero_einhundert) & CC PRESENTS : CHICHING IN PARIS   柏林壹百辦公室與奇清為您呈現:奇清在巴黎     Photographer: Victoire Fitoussi @supervictoire Production: Büro Einhundert @buero_einhundert Concept/Direction: Ryan Pfeiffer   Models: Mimi Guizani @mimiguizani Yoann Sylva @papi.churos Ryan Pfeiffer  
21 Jul 2021

「那個」雜誌 "That" Magazine

將近20年前的台北,曾經有一群人以一股熱血為當時的台北城市與流行文化留下了這樣短暫約維持約莫兩年多的視覺紀錄。 也許你也聽過「那個」雜誌。 初迎來千禧年的台北,有著強烈與世界接軌的躁動:伴著舊金山直送的的深浩室音樂背景與七十年代風尚的再回流,各類lounge與高檔酒吧如雨後春筍般在台北東區陸續竄出,台北好像也有了國際城市的模樣。「那個」雜誌的編輯成員土洋參雜,以中英雙語精心編排每月發行,視覺掛帥,文藝專攻。在淘兒唱片與舞廳皆可免費索取。   我們不清楚後來「那個」是怎麼結束的,不過他們可能會繼續活在很多人的心中。 Nearly 20 years ago in Taipei, there was a group of people with passion who left such a short-term visual record for the city and pop culture of Taipei at that time, which lasted about only two years. Maybe you have also heard of “That” magazine.       Taipei, which has just ushered in the millennium, was eager to make connection with the rest of the world: with the Deep House music trends imported directly from San Francisco and the comeback of the 70s, various lounges and high-end bars have sprung up in the eastern district of Taipei.  In a sudden, Taipei seems to have the appearance of an international city.  The editors of “That” magazine came from diverse cultural/nationality backgrounds, they carefully arranged the monthly magazine’s content in both Chinese and English, with a visual-oriented art direction and a specialization in club events and contemporary art. Available for free at Tower Records and nightclubs. We don't know how “That” ended afterwards, but they may continue to live in the hearts of many people. Credit: 那個雜誌,第十一期,2003年3月。That Magazine. (March 2003). Issue 11
20 Jul 2021


又來到了週二的奇清精選歌單單元了! 本週我們邀請到台北的青年新媒體創作者鄭道元為我們精心挑選了長達五個多小時橫跨工業噪音、實驗電子再到搖滾樂的音樂旅程。   鄭道元有著豐富的演出與製作經歷,他從15年起活躍於各地實驗場景,19年初至東京演出,同年底以卡帶形式發行首張專輯「旣Apeiron」 ,參與過英國、荷蘭、葡萄牙及香港等國廠牌合輯,現為英國平台Currents.fm及香港聯合電台(HKCR)常駐主持。2020年於MUTEK線上活動Nexus Experience演出,同年六月於國立台灣美術館製作7.1聲道聲響設計。   關於這個歌單,道元是這樣描述的:   「工作桌上有一扇窗,窗外有幾盞路燈在行道樹間,在夜晚到凌晨的時段,隨著時間的推移,光線、霧氣及風的變化與外頭、房間的景象反射交疊,成像在窗上,某種程度上像是進到了房內,介於虛和實之間。不同時間映上不同質地,有時黑的徹底,有時又透著微弱的光;有時霧霧的但可能只是窗戶沒擦乾淨。 —— 這是我這陣子最常看的畫面,也是歌單的靈感,不同以往,這次選了較為輕柔和緩的各式曲目,有著相似的質地卻蘊含不同情緒,無論是要伴隨入睡還是迎接日出,應該都會是不錯的選擇,(don’t) wait till dawn, pack your thoughts and let it drown. 」     Taipei-based multimedia Artist Cheng Daoyuan takes over this week’s CC Spotify. Hit the playlist below to enjoy the music journey from Industrial noise/punk rock across to contemporary electronica sounds.   Cheng Daoyuan is a Taipei-based multi-media creator whose works spans experimental sound, installation, and visual creation. At the core of Cheng’s art is the convergence of two distinct planes into a coherent form, In sound creation, he combines industrial noise, ambient and abstract elements to construct a distinctive atmosphere both doom-ridden and over-driven. He has performed around Taiwan since 2015, and played his first overseas shows in 2019 at venues in Koenji and Tachikawa in Tokyo. Cheng’s recordings have been featured on numerous compilations released by labels locally and in the UK, Netherland, Hong Kong and Portugal, in Dec 2019 he released his debut full-length album “Apeiron”. He’s now in residence of Hong Kong Community Radio and In 2020, he performed at Nexus Experience by MUTEK, and made his first 7.1-channel ambisonic sound design at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.   About this playlist:   “ There’s a window right in front of my working area, where I can see streetlights covered in between some trees. From night to dawn, the view changes with lights, fogs and wind by the passing of time. It layered in reflection of scape of outside, and indoor, imaging on the window which seems to be like it has entered my room, among reality and illusion. With different textures in different moment, sometimes total dark, sometimes came through a bit of glint, sometimes it blurred but it’s more likely the window wasn’t cleaned properly. —— and thats’s what I’ve been watching the most recently, which is also the main concept and inspiration of this playlist. Unlike my regular style, I chose more mild and elegant tracks in different genre this time, with similar texture but different emotions, might be a good choice whether for pre-sleep therapy or as a tranquilizer for your suffering soul. (don’t) wait till dawn, pack your thoughts and let it drown. ”    
06 Jul 2021


安潔拉·林 (Angela Lin) 是一位在美國長大的台裔美籍創意工作者。作為ABC的她,原本對台灣樂壇一直沒有太大的興趣。直到她無意中在侯孝賢導演 2001 年的電影《千年曼波》中聽見了台灣傳奇性獨立音樂先驅 – 林強的音樂。儘管Angie在北美的音樂產業已經擁有相當豐富的經驗,但聽到這首歌依然是她生命中一次無可取代的遭遇;也進而有了後續與林強本人的密切合作:即/單純的人 (@purepersonpress)這個音樂廠牌的誕生與實踐。   Angie以一種充滿鄉愁與感情的語調來描述這個極為個人化的音樂廠牌:Pure Person Press就像是一封封她寫給台灣音樂的情書,只不過是用林強的音樂來書寫,並寄往全世界。   點擊簡介中連結即可收聽本週Angie為我們特別炮製的主題歌單 ”Stoned In The Summer Sun”. 至於標題裡的石化指的是什麼,我們就不多加解釋了:P       Angie has archival anxiety and relieves said archival anxiety through her work with reissue labels at Light in the Attic. Her own label, Pure Person Press(@purepersonpress), is a love letter to Taiwan that seeks to connect Taiwanese music to the rest of the world through the composer Lim Giong.   Angie was kind enough to share some of her top stoner tunes with us: Hit the player to listen this week’s CC Spotify while you are stoned in the summer sun.    
22 Jun 2021


「別輕易觸動我,否則我的愛會一發不可收拾。」   本週的奇清精選歌單由台北Beatmaker Kool Klone 主持選樂。如果騷靈是他的子彈,嘻哈就是這把槍。   Hit the link in the bio to listen this week’s CC Spotify, featuring Kool Klone’s top picks of soulful/acoustic sounds around the globe.     About Kool Klone   A biotechnology talent / SSBU Samus Main from Taipei. Kool Klone loves Hip-Hop music, but it was not until he learned about what sampling is, which opened up a world of DJing and beatmaking to him. In live performances, Kool Klone likes to mix beats with original samples, and add a little touch of turntablism in his set. With many years of live performance experience in Taipei, he is now a member of ‘beats and friends’, a crew promoting beat scene in Taiwan.   Soundcloud Instagram  
06 Jun 2021

<CC SPOTIFY> 想你在午夜 by 奇清編輯部

📡<奇清精選歌單> 夜幕低垂,街上不再人潮車水;我痴思那遙遠,想你在天涯未歸。 本週,奇清編輯部嚴選了一系列午夜主題曲歌單,望能伴你渡過孤獨的漫漫長夜。🌙🌚 <CC SPOTIFY> If you're feeling isolated, know that you're sharing the same experience with millions of other people. Tune in to CC Spotify while you are missing someone at midnight.