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Chiching Records "Domestic Monster 國產怪獸" Sticker Pack

$11.99 / On Sale

* High quality vinyl decal built to last for years
* 6 stickers in one pack
* Packaging includes header cards and OPP bag
* Simply peel and stick - easy application
* Anti-UV and water-proof coating protects bright colors from fading

Illustration by Yixuan Tsai 蔡藝瑄 (@yixuan99120)

Sticker Size

Chiching Logo 123x48mm, 83x33mm
3 monsters 三獸合體: 141x124mm
Evil Scorpion 天魔毒蠍: 79x71mm
Biibo 逼啵: 55x76mm
Cold Fire Scorpion 寒火玄蠍 : 76x77mm