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Chiching x Einhundert "Bonsai" T-shirt


*Made in Europe
*Customized loose Fit
*Hand stamped in Berlin
*100% Cotton

Berlin-based transdisciplinary collective Einhundert has teamed up with Taipei's very own underground label Chi Ching Records for a research project diving deep into the respective culture of each city. Outside of mainstream-perspectives and place branding mechanisms, the project aims to present an in-depth qualitative view on what local identity constitutes in a globalized world. Titled "Die geistige Verbindung" (the spiritual connection), the project explores connections and differences between both cities. It further reflects on personal experiences based on extended stays in Taiwan and Germany in the pre-Covid era, while playing with cliches encountered during the process.

Looking into local cultures, modes of perception, Western gazes on SE Asia, and questions of identity and belonging centered around personal experiences, the diverse perspectives are summed up in a transdisciplinary series of products - from radio, film, and photography to music and clothing.

*All Chiching x Einhundert products are sent by DHL (including tracking number) from Berlin.

Size guide | 尺碼說明 |サイズ 

S: Length | 衣長|着丈 69cm
Shoulder Width | 肩寬 |肩幅 53cm

M: Length | 衣長|着丈着丈 70cm
Shoulder Width | 肩寬 |肩幅 55cm

L:Length | 衣長|着丈 73cm
Shoulder Width | 肩寬 |肩幅 58cm

XL:Length | 衣長|着丈 77cm
Shoulder Width | 肩寬 |肩幅 62cm