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LINION - Me In Dat Blue

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First single "Room 335" land No. 1 on Taiwan indie music site StreetVoice’s R&B/Soul chart

At first glance, the 21-year-old Taiwan R&B rising star LINION is no different from any average Asian young boy, except for his eyes showing extreme dedication to his pursuit of music, and a glow of solid self-confidence. In the recent waves of Asian R&B/Soul brought on by artists from Korea and Japan, LINION stands out unique with his solid background as a bassist as well as a beatmaker. His combination of the retro and the neo transforms and leads listeners to freely float through an ocean of beats.

LINION, the name he uses to present himself to the world, is a combination of his surname, Lin, and the word "ion," the very building blocks of his physical composition. He started his musical journey in the sixth grade and entered the prestigious Musicians Institute (MI) at age 18, determined to create the next generation of Asian soul music. To achieve this goal, LINION starts his day practicing in the school piano room from 6:30 in the morning, and works till 10 o'clock in the evening. He has kept up with this routine to this day. While his peers were busy partying, he focused his energy on accumulating a variety of musical skills. He studied chords from keyboard player Henry 'Soleh' Brewer (Earth, Wind & Fire), and beats from drummer Efa Etoroma Jr. (Moonchild), all taking him a step closer to reaching his ideal world of music.

During his time at MI, he met three like-minded students from Taiwan. Following the footsteps of their idol, the iconic jazz pianist Robert Glasper, the four formed the band SOME. Unfortunately, the strike of fate halted the band's plan to return to and start their career in Taiwan. The sudden and unexpected death of their guitarist had put a stop to everything. Amidst grief and helplessness, the remaining two members encouraged LINION to carry on their musical dreams and continue on as a solo artist.

His debut album Me In Dat Blue records his original creative process. The 'Blue' in the album's title is in part inspired by the sapphire Californian sky and ocean; it is also an homage to the jazz classic "Blue in Green" by the legendary Miles Davis, whose picture is on the wall of LINION's piano room. "Blue" is also what he felt while producing this album: from the death of a friend, to the betrayal of a lover, and a general sense of loss of direction. Having weathered all the adversities came Me In Dat Blue, which gained immediate praise from Chi-Ching Records, a new record label based in Taipei and Warsaw. A record deal was sealed in one single night. Watch out! An auditory experience that spreads throughout the body is about to roll in, and you'll remember his name: LINION.

文字 Text: Brien John
英文翻譯 English Translation : Don Tung

Pro HighSpeed duplication cassette, made in Taiwan, 15 minutes per side at 2 side copy. TRANSPARENT ORANGE SHELL tapes with black liner and screws black hubs white leader in Super Ferro Normal bias. ˊ panel J-Card printed on both sides.
2 sides full color direct shell print label. All tape contains shrinkwrap. Limited 80pcs.

Comes with download code on CC Bandcamp.