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Rgry & Henneysee - zsblqd

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The rgry and henneysee tape is finally coming--this october, in cassette format. The ten tracks you hear are results of the research and development that was conducted between the two Taiwanese beatsmiths, from 2016-2018. The tracks themselves have two things in common: 1) they're designed to disconnect your neck from your clavicles. 2) you can hear a voice saying "qi duan", on each of them.

"Qi Duan" is mandarin for "Section Seven", and it is both the name of their creative team and a street from their childhood, located in the Beitou District of Northern Taipei. Rgry and henneysee are delighted to have you wander through their curation, which includes the sonic equivalents of throwing stars, tesla engines, nitro cold brews, and shrimp crackers.

Mix them in the clay pot and you get ZSBLQD.
You get Zhong-Shan-Bei-Lu-Qi-Duan.

releases October 19, 2018

Produced, arranged by Rgry & Henneysee
Artwork by NARUEDOL
Cassette design & lay-out by Chen Yinn

Pro HighSpeed C-60 duplication cassette, made in Taiwan, 10 minutes per side at 2 side copy. TRANSPARENT ORANGE SHELL tapes with sliver screws black leader in Super Ferro Normal bias. 2 panel J-Card printed on both sides. Comes with Bandcamp download code.

2 sides plain cassette. All tape contains shrinkwrap and download codes. Limited 100pcs.