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RITCHRD - I Love Dogs


San Francisco-based RITCHRD debut EP, I Love Dogs, is unpretentious, playful but at the same time self-conscious and well-constructed. This combination of Hip Hop, Lofi, and Disco brings a feeling of listening to the radio playing old funk and R’n’B in the past, mixed with strangeness of the vast internet archives that only fuels the curiosity to look further.

RITCHRD has been making music since he was a kid, rooted in DIY culture, there is this easiness of experiment and bending the formats’ limitations that comes with the experience of growing up making music.

With RITCHRD's debut EP, I Love Dogs, you will hear him expanding his sound into directions outside of your typical four on the floor dance rhythms.

Produced & Arranged by RITCHRD
A3 Thang (Rgry Filp) Remixed by Rgry
B2 Samba de Cuíca Co- Produced by Chakra Zulu
Mastered by Chiching Records
Artwork by @_rayrobinson3

Pro HighSpeed duplication cassette, made in Taiwan, 15 minutes per side at 2 side copy. SOLID BLACK SHELL tapes with black liner and screws black hubs whiteleader in Super Ferro Normal bias. 2 panel J-Card printed on both sides, The cassette case is solid black front/ solid black back.

2 sides full color direct shell print (plus white ink). All tape contains shrinkwrap. Limited 100pcs.